Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hucklebuck has been contracted to help brand and produce a limited edition screen printed poster for one of the nation's most precious folk art treasures that you have never heard of, The Hartman Rock Garden right here in little old Springfield, Ohio.

" The Hartman Rock Garden was created by Harry "Ben" Hartman from 1932 through 1944. This remarkable garden includes over 250,000 individual stones that combine a mixture of history, religion, and depression-era pop culture."

If you are an artist, craftsman or someone caught up in the storm of our current recession you should definitely check out this place. Hartman lost his job during the great depression and took the bad situation and created something great. In the light of the economic circumstance we find ourselves in this attraction provides an inspiring reminder that we can overcome and create beauty in the face of craziness.

We're super excited to begin on the screenprinted poster, should be great. I'll post when we have art to share.

For more information go to their facebook page at