Thursday, August 10, 2006


I judged the Champaign County Fair arts competition last week and while I was there I noticed a cool letterpress poster of "Big Time Wrestling" of which I happened to gank. With permission of course. I then noticed that it was an event for the fair this week. How could you pass up the chance to take in some middle aged guys that have no business wearing a singlet not to mention flying off of the top ropes like Superfy Snuka .

We went last night and these are the images I came away with.

Headlocks galore.

Off the top rope.

The Sheik of Araby. I dare not repeat what the crowd was yelling at this dude. The classic US vs. the Mid East

The American Hero. Pretty sure this guy just got done coaching his kids baseball game.

This old woman was heckling the wrestlers the whole time. It was amazing. Even more amazing was when she tagged in and preformed the most impressive belly to back suplex I have yet to witness.

MATTCHEW. I think this guy played cornerback in the 95-96 season for the Bucks. Riiight...

The restless crowd. Half of which thought every single thing that was happening was completely real and I heard numerous death threats hoisted out towards the Sheik of Araby...that's about the time that we quietly slipped away. My favorite part was when one of the "managers" got hit sqaure in the face by a full water bottle some guy threw into the ring. Ain't nothin fake about 16 oz in the grill.

I've got more pics, but I think this gets the idea across


Manny Sison said...

I can't wait to see the remaining pics.....

jPaper said...

Crap my dad's in there. This... is embarrassing.