Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good VS. Interesting

As a second year art student I was once told something by one of my professors. " Don't aim for GOOD, aim for INTERESTING." Wow, as a young designer this seemed ridiculous at best. But it has stuck with me over the years. I am a big advocate for creating design that does more than organize information and show good use of a grid system. There are plenty of design robots that can handle this task. This is where the idea of INTERESTING comes into play. Whether that means that you are using an unexpected printing technique or an organic or expressive use of typography there needs to be something more to your work. Something that when the client or casual passer by experiences it they are surprised by something. Sometimes it truly is better to be weird than good. If you happen to be one of my students, keep this in mind. As you are working on your projects hold it up and say, what is interesting about what I am doing? Why would the design that I am creating hold someone's attention? Am I working toward newness or just regurgitating what my preconception of GOOD is.

Be more, be unexpected, BE INTERESTING!

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Casey Spitnale said...

What about be awesome?