Tuesday, June 02, 2009

SPRINGFIELD RECONSTRUCTED: The Graphic Art of Andy Hayes + Hucklebuck Design Studio

I will begin work shortly on my first solo gallery showing as Andy Hayes/Hucklebuck. It will open on Sat Sept 12 at the Westcott House in Springfield, OH. Along with the artwork local native Griffin House will be performing live. Should be a great event. My work will focus on work I have done for local organizations and tearing them apart to be reassembled out of their original intended purpose. This reflects the current status of flux that Springfield as a city is currently undergoing. Should be great, there will be prints/full on oils/collage along with a smattering f existing work.

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Shelley Lopez said...

Andy: My name is Shelley Lopez. We've met briefly before. I live in the big house on South Fountain that you did the streetscape of. (I still need to get one of those pictures.) I am also the director of the Nehemiah Foundation. I noticed you are opening at the Westcott house on September 12th. That is also the day we are holding the Champion City Spirit Auction at the Heritage Center to raise money for the non-profits we serve. I'm wondering if you would be willing to have one of your pictures in the auction. We would be delighted to promote your gallery as well on that evening. You can have a bio and information all about the gallery there as well. The proceeds from what you donate will go to support the non-profits of the Nehemiah Foundation and the work they do in the city. We want to have as many local champions as possible to represent our city. I consider you to be one of them. Congratulations on your new gallery. It's excited to see good things happening in Springfield. Please let me know if you are willing to donate something to the auction.